Social and Ecological Engagement in Design (SEED)

A novel design methodology that integrates social and ecological considerations in design thinking by providing a structured approach to enable people to think more holistically about contemporary societal challenges, and to identify sustainable solutions.


Positive · Collaborative · Transformative

In the global arena of design, where innovation is the currency and impact is the measure, our students stand at a pivotal crossroads and need the tools to create a sustainable future.

Social and Ecological Engagement in Design (SEED) is a novel design methodology and vision for an eco-cultural change. Crucially, it integrates the social and ecological challenges we face, providing students with a structured approach to address contemporary sustainable development goals. SEED bridges the gap between academic insight and practice-led collaborations. This is part of our commitment to ensuring that our students are equipped to lead, transitioning seamlessly from education to tangible contributions in the design sector. In championing SEED, we have an opportunity to position our students at the forefront of design thinking and innovate in their respective fields.


Visualising for Cultural Change

Research and Practice-led initiatives for SEED are supported by our wonderful partners


Knowledge Sharing

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